Order and return

1. How to find the shipping cost?

The shipping depends on the item you ordered. You can find out the shipping cost by click estimate shipping on the shopping cart page. Then, select the country, click update.

To find out the shipping cost:
1) Add the item(s) that you want to order into the shopping cart.
2) At the Shopping Cart page, click the "Estimate shipping" button.
3) At the Estimate Shipping Costs page, please select the country to which the order is shipping, and enter the postal code, then click the "update" button.
4) You will get a list of shipping costs for different services by USPS and FedEx.

2. How long it will take to ship the order to me?

Usually, we ship the orders within 24 hours by USPS air mail. It normally takes 2-4 days for domestic shipping, 2-3 weeks for most international shipping. It will take up to 4 weeks to ship the package to Asia countries, Russia and Ukraine, etc.

3. Where to find my tracking number for my order?

We will email you the tracking information if it is available. For demostic shipping, if you did not leave the email address when you check out with credit card, you may contact us for the tracking. For some of the international orders, the tracking may NOT work.
If you want to upgrade the shipping method to UPS, FedEx, or EMS, please contact us or leave us message when you place your order. We will quote the price from those companies and send you an invoice for the surcharge. We can also use your shipping account if you have one.

4. Where to send your defective item back for warranty?

Please send it to us at:
Auber Instruments
5755 North Point Parkway,
Suite 99
Alpharetta, GA 30022
Please include a note with the package your sending back stating what problems you have experienced.

5. Why I got an error during checkout with paypal

Here is a list of problem that known for checking out with PayPal.
1) If the shipping address has different country name than the billing address, PayPal will not accept it.
2) If the email address used is linked to a PayPal account, PayPal will force you to use the PayPal account instead of the credit or debit card so that fees will be kept in their pocket.
3) If the credit or debit card has been linked to a PayPal account, PayPal will force you to use the PayPal account instead of credit card so that fees will be kept in their pocket.
4) If the credit or debit card had any issue with PayPal, it will not be able to proceed.

For problem 1) you can check out with the address of the same country as the card is issued. Then, please send us an email for address change. We will refund or invoice you for the actual shipping cost.

For problem 2), 3), and 4), you can sign up and create an account with Auber. At the shopping cart page, please click the "Go to checkout" and then please register on our website by clicking the “Sign up” button. If you already have an account, please Log in. You will have the option to pay with your credit or debit card. This route will not subject to the PayPal rules mentioned above.
Another option is to give us your card number and expiration date through phone or fax. We can try to process it at our terminal.

6. Error codes and messages for Paypal checkout.
When the check out is not sucessful and error messages have been shown, you can look up the error code in this page from Paypal.   

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